have you missed any logs being archived to TSM user exit because of some problem in TSM server or User exit itself.

here is how you do it manually:-

db2uext2 -OS<os> -RL<release> -RQ<request> -DB<dbname> -NN<nodenumber>  -LP<logpath> -LN<logname> [-AP<adsmpasswd>]

to set all this option best way is to look at userexit  ARCHIVE.LOG  . you will have entry as below.

Time Started:      Fri Aug 22 18:01:55 2008

Parameter Count:      8
Parameters Passed:
Database name:     TST_PROD
Logfile name:      S0024899.LOG
Logfile path:      /transaction_logs/NODE0000/
Node number:       NODE0000
Operating system:  Linux/Z64
Release:           SQL08029
Request:           ARCHIVE
System Action:     ARCHIVE from /transaction_logs/NODE0000/ file S0024899.LOG to TSM for database NDB_PROD
Media Type:        TSM
User Exit RC:      0
Time Completed:    Fri Aug 22 18:01:56 2008


now you have all the option parameters required.

#db2uext2 -OSLinux/Z64 -RLSQL08029 -RQARCHIVE -DBTST_PROD -NNNODE0000  -LP/transaction_logs/NODE0000/ -LNS0039440.LOG

after you archive the logs you can cross verify using db2adutl command.

#db2adutl query logs db TST_prod